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Wonderful Foldable Printable Dodecahedron | Hackaday



Debra Ansell of [GeekMomProjects] fame got here up with a neat, 3D design that prints flat after which folds up into everybody’s favourite Platonic strong: a D12.

Why would you wish to do that? Effectively, folding up your 3D prints offers you a 3rd dimension “without cost” with out utilizing all that assist materials. Right here, the entire exterior faces of the dodecahedron are printed flat in opposition to the construct plate, which might be the nicest facet of your prints. And embedding LEDs within the ensuing form would in all probability be simple as a result of they’re all in airplane. And talking of LEDs, we kinda anticipated to see them right here, given Debra’s motto: “LEDs improve everything” — that half is as much as you.

Debra notes that she likes PETG as a substitute of PLA for the additional energy within the thin-printed hinges, and we’d guess that your printer’s tolerances will must be spot on for the clips that maintain the entire thing collectively. (We’d be tempted to use slightly super-duper glue.)

As at all times with Debra’s tasks, there’s some artistic options on show right here that’ll make it easier to out whether or not you want a D12 or a D20, so give it a glance!

Thanks [Peter] for the tip.

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