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Wikitrivia is a web game that challenges your knowledge of historical dates



In case you’re a historical past buff, or are on the lookout for a brand new internet sport to play, Wikitrivia may be worth your time. The sport’s creator, Tom Watson, describes it on his web site as “Wikidata as a trivia card sport,” and the tweet that brought it to our attention referred to as it an “on-line clone of the cardboard sport Timeline.”

Taking part in it’s easy: it provides you a card that represents one thing that has a date, which is pulled from Wikidata; some examples I noticed requested me to pin down when the Bastille was constructed, when the Foo Fighters have been fashioned, and when the October Revolution ended (sadly, it was on the lookout for a 12 months, not a month). You then should put the cardboard on the proper place within the timeline. You’re allowed three errors, that are represented by hearts, and also you’ll lose one should you put a card within the incorrect place. Dropping all of your hearts will will finish your streak and power you to restart with a brand new timeline.

Wikitrivia isn’t flawless. Whereas the motion of shifting playing cards onto the timeline really works nearly flawlessly on my telephone, I wouldn’t say the sport is way enjoyable to play on cell; the idea actually advantages from as huge a display as potential, in my view. Additionally, as some gamers have seen, a number of the titles can act as a giveaway — whereas I used to be taking part in I received at the least one which had a 12 months within the title, making it fairly simple to position. I additionally received this card:

Image of a card asking when the first millennium BC ended.

Gee, it’s a thriller.

There’s additionally the opportunity of information being incorrect. I didn’t discover any cases the place that was the case (although needless to say I’m not a historical past buff; you might inform me that the Roman Empire ended within the 1900s and I’d most likely suppose “eh, that could possibly be proper”), however Watson does have a thread started on Github the place individuals can report incorrect playing cards or information.

The web page additionally calls on customers to make any crucial corrections to Wikipedia or Wikidata itself, which may find yourself making solutions throughout the online extra correct — for instance, Google generally pulls information from Wikipedia for its data panels, so errors could find yourself being mirrored there until they’re fastened.

Screenshot of Google displaying an answer from Wikipedia in response to the query “when were the Russian armed forces started”

So far as I’m conscious this reply seems to be appropriate, however I’ve come throughout inaccurate data from the online in one in all these containers earlier than.

For many who like saying “wow, I by no means realized that was so current / way back,” (or anybody on the lookout for one thing to do after ending today’s Wordle puzzle), Wikitrivia could also be a good way to spend a while.

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