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Rapid-Reload Vacuum Cannon Totally Demolishes Those Veggies



[NightHawkInLight] has been creating his design for a vacuum canon for some time now, so it appears becoming to drop in check out the progress. The concept is fairly easy, take a protracted inflexible tube, insert an in depth becoming piston, magnetically hooked up to a projectile, and stopper the open finish with one thing simply destroyed. The piston must be pulled into the tube with some drive, to tug a vacuum towards the stopper. The attention-grabbing bit occurs subsequent, when the piston exits the opposite finish of the tube, with the vacuum at its most, there’s a sudden inrush of air.  Apparently this inrush of supersonic velocity, and the momentum of the mass of air is adequate to eject the projectile at appreciable velocity, smashing by means of the plug and demolishing the goal. As long as the goal is of the gentle and squishy selection anyway.

It’s an attention-grabbing concept, and definitely offers loads of bang for not many bucks. That huge lump of acrylic tubing (presumably used for ease of clarification within the video) appears pretty costly to purchase off the shelf, however we reckon any previous pipe would in all probability work out tremendous.

We’ve undoubtedly lined our share of DIY projectile weapons, like this air cannon made from PVC pipe parts, and naturally there’s this crazy big one, that it’s best to undoubtedly not strive at dwelling.

Thanks [Keith] for the tip!

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