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NTP Server Gets Time From Space



Low-cost GPS items are available these days, which is nice you probably have one thing that must be very exactly situated. Discovering the place of issues is one in every of many makes use of for GPS, although. There are many methods to benefit from a few of the ancillary instruments that the GPS makes use of to find out location. On this case it’s utilizing the exact timekeeping skills of the satellites to build a microsecond-accurate network time protocol (NTP) server.

GPS works by triangulating place between a receiver and a variety of satellites, however because the satellites are always transferring an extremely exact timing sign is required with a purpose to precisely decide location from all of those variables. This construct merely teases out that point info from the satellite tv for pc community and ignores the situation knowledge. There are solely two components to this construct, an inexpensive GPS receiver and a Raspberry Pi, however [Austin] goes into nice element about the way to arrange the software program facet as properly together with putting in PPS, GPSd, after which organising the precise NTP server on the Pi.

Whereas this is a wonderful solution to self-host your individual NTP server in case you don’t have Web entry (or simply wish to do it your self), [Austin] does word that that is most likely overkill on timekeeping so far as accuracy goes. Alternatively, the Raspberry Pi has no built-in actual time clock of its personal, so this would possibly really be a cost-competitive method of timekeeping even when compared to something more traditional like a DS3231 RTC module.

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