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HP-200LX Runs Website Like It’s The 90s



The HP-200LX palmtop was an interesting machine for its time, and [Terrence Vergauwen] proves that its time shouldn’t be but over, provided that one is answerable for serving up the website for Palmtop Tube, an internet site and YouTube channel devoted to classic palmtops.

All by itself a HP-200LX doesn’t have fairly what it takes to behave as a contemporary net server, nevertheless it doesn’t take a lot to offer the lacking items. A PCMCIA community adapter supplies an Ethernet connection, and a NAS accommodates the web site content material whereas networking and net server software program run regionally. Regular energy comes from a wall adapter, however two rechargeable AA cells within the 200LX itself act as a mini-UPS, offering backup energy in case of outages.

The HP-200LX was a breakthrough product that came just at the right time, previous different true palm prime computer systems just like the IBM PC 110. Within the early 90s, it was unimaginable that one may have a completely practical MS-DOS based mostly machine in a single’s pocket, not to mention one that would final weeks on a few AA cells. It didn’t have some proprietary OS and bizarre ports, and that form of performance is a part of why, roughly 30 years later, one is ready to competently serve up net site visitors.

A video overview of the machine and the way it all works is within the video embedded under. And in case you’re extra focused on what an HP-200LX seems to be like on the within? This video is all about taking apart and repairing a 200LX.

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