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HAL 9000 Becomes A Helpful Voice Assistant



There have been many robots and AIs in science fiction over time, from Astro Boy to Cortana, and even Virgil for followers of the long-forgotten Crash Zone. Nevertheless, all these pale into insignificance in entrance of the chilly, uncaring persona of the HAL 9000. Thus, [Jürgen Pabel] thought the imposing AI would make the perfect home assistant.

The construct is predicated on a Raspberry Pi Zero 2, which boasts extra grunt than the unique Pi Zero whereas nonetheless retaining good battery life and a compact type issue. It’s connected with a 1.28″ spherical TFT show which acts because the creepy glowing eye by way of which HAL is meant to understand the world. There’s naturally a speaker on board to ship HAL’s haunting monotone, and it’s all wrapped up in an tidy case that basically appears to be like the half. It runs on the open-source voice assistant Kalliope to assist out with duties across the house.

[Jürgen]’s web page shares all the main points it’s essential make your personal, from the enclosure building to the code that laces all the things collectively. It’s not the first HAL 9000 we’ve seen around these parts, either. Video after the break.

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