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Firefox Relay gets added to disposable email blocklist, angers users



The maintainers of a “disposable e-mail service” blocklist have determined so as to add Firefox Relay to the checklist, leaving many customers of the service upset.

Firefox Relay is a privacy-centric e-mail service that allows customers to guard their actual e-mail addresses and therefore restrict spam.

Firefox Relay to enter disposable e-mail blocklist

Launched in November 2021, Firefox Relay was created with the purpose of serving to customers safeguard their privateness and restrict the quantity of e-mail spam directed at them. 

Obtainable as a free and premium providing, the service hides the consumer’s actual e-mail deal with to assist defend their identification by giving them an alias to make use of.

Disposable e-mail deal with companies work by offering customers with a short lived, intermediate e-mail deal with that “relays” mail to their actual inbox.

Customers signing up for Firefox Relay are assigned an @* e-mail alias which forwards their mail to their precise e-mail deal with.

Firefox Relay's mozmail domain
FireFox Relay’s area in use (Mozilla)

Though disposable e-mail companies would possibly present customers with peace of thoughts when signing into free Wi-Fi portals that require an e-mail deal with, and companies with a excessive likelihood of sending advertising emails to customers, they’ll additionally develop into a nuisance for service suppliers.

For instance, mission-critical websites offering e-commerce and on-line banking companies might develop into vulnerable to abuse by menace actors if they permit the usage of disposable emails.

Due to this fact, blocklists of domains utilized by burner e-mail companies are compiled and maintained by third-parties.

These can be referred to by on-line service suppliers once in a while to disclaim account signups to customers presenting a disposable e-mail deal with.

As seen by BleepingComputer as we speak, the list, “disposable-email-domains” current on a GitHub repository by the identical identify comprises identified burner e-mail companies like 10minutemail, GuerrillaMail, and Mailinator.

Alongside these domains, was additionally proposed for addition as of some days in the past:

firefox relay added to blacklist
Firefox Relay area added to blocklist (GitHub)

It is not clear who all or how many service suppliers reference the “disposable-email-domains” checklist when checking if a offered e-mail deal with is a burner.

However, word, we didn’t see * domains on the checklist simply but: “” is the useful area utilized by e-mail aliases generated by Firefox Relay.

Again in November 2021, Firefox Relay’s crew lead had requested the maintainer of a separate burner e-mail checklist, “burner-email-providers” to exempt the actual area kind the blocklist:

“We’re working Relay with a lot of options that I feel mitigate the dangers that these aliases pose,” Mozilla’s privateness and safety engineer Luke Crouch defined in November.

Firstly, if a alias is disabled by the consumer, any emails despatched to the alias will not be bounced again however as an alternative discarded with a 404 error message returned by the service’s HTTP webook, acknowledged Crouch. 

Secondly, he defined, the anti-abuse protections constructed into Relay restrict free customers to a complete of 5 aliases, and additional rate-limit premium clients so they can not abuse the service by creating large-scale throw-away aliases for, say, automated signups to net companies.

With that reasoning, was swiftly removed from that blocklist. And it seems, the creators of “disposable-email-domains” have additionally honored the clause, for now.

Customers upset on the resolution

The transfer to suggest the addition of Firefox Relay’s principal area to the disposable e-mail suppliers blocklist has left many customers confused and unpleased, prompting the checklist’s maintainers to lock the GitHub discussion earlier than it will get “too heated.”

“Effectively, good pickle. Why are you doing this to us Firefox? Amongst different issues this throws a wrench within the unique (probably not rock-solid) reasoning about area ranges from here — so it breaks our CI even when within the appropriate order,” requested software program developer Martin Cech, who is without doubt one of the contributors to the blocklist’s repository.

“My reasoning on together with that is that an e-mail with a mozmail area is rarely going to be a main e-mail and is at all times going to ahead to another deal with,” responded the checklist’s co-maintainer, Dustin Ingram, who can also be a Google open supply safety crew member.

However, one of many pseudonymous GitHub customers, worldofgeese cautioned that such blocklists might strip customers of “one of many few defenses they’ve” towards their e-mail deal with leaking, and from menace actors ready to flood customers’ mailboxes with spam.

“Are you able to not do that? You appear to be extraordinarily unhealthy actors. Please do not contribute to an unsafe web,” wrote worldofgeese.

“I take advantage of Non-public Relay to guard my private mail deal with, not as a instrument for spam. I am not even certain how a consumer would use Non-public Relay for spam, as customers can not start e-mail chains with a Relay deal with, solely reply to mails delivered to these addresses.”

One other GitHub consumer urged that the choice to blocklist Firefox Relay be reconsidered because the service is without doubt one of the safeguards that forestall private e-mail addresses from turning up in knowledge breaches and being spammed.

Curiously, privacy-focused e-mail companies like Fastmail permit creation of each actual and randomly generated e-mail aliases through their main area (i.e.

“Good luck blocking the tons of of 1000’s of Fastmail customers by making an attempt to dam the minority utilizing masked addresses,” challenged a Hacker Information commentator.

As seen by BleepingComputer, is current on the allowlist inside the “disposable-email-domains” repo.

Some surmised that, with extra effort, malicious actors might select to abuse reliable e-mail suppliers like Gmail simply as properly, fairly than turning to a service like Firefox Relay, thereby rendering such blocklists futile.

And the divide appears to be stern between those that vouch by the efficacy of Firefox Relay and disposable e-mail companies, and people with the painful activity of sustaining anti-spam blocklists.

“The rationale disposable e-mail addresses exist and are well-liked is as a result of companies have abused customers’ belief to not use these emails for shady advert income and advertising schemes,” writes a consumer on Hacker Information.

“It is additional compounded by shoddy safety that results in leaks and publicity of individuals’s private e-mail addresses to pwned compromised lists. Individuals do not need to surrender their private e-mail addresses in order that they are often spammed or hacked. Till companies do higher (ie do not promote me out for affordable) I am going to maintain utilizing the most recent disposable e-mail deal with to join your user-hostile web sites.”

Whether or not the privateness afforded by e-mail relay companies outweighs the dangers posed by their abuse stays an ongoing debate.

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