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Driving Porsche’s Top-Secret Prototype Electric Race Car! – Video



Speaker 1: Porsche constructed a 1000 horsepower, all electrical race automotive in full secrecy. And at this time we get to drive it. It is not too usually that we see a totally purposeful, fully secret automotive roll up at a racetrack, however that is precisely what now we have right here. A imaginative and prescient for Porsche’s future GT racing in a personal session for me at one of many world’s nice worldwide circuits, it is circuit Ricardo Tomo in Valencia, Spain, an extended flowing monitor [00:00:30] with loads of off digicam turns, tough elevation adjustments, and an extended sufficient straight to see what this factor can actually do. However earlier than we hit that monitor, let’s dive a little bit deeper into the cardboard itself. From a drivetrain perspective, the GT 4 E efficiency shares loads with the mission R idea. I used to be fortunate sufficient to drive a few months in the past, however from a design standpoint, the mission R was positively extra of a imaginative and prescient towards what the long run race automotive might seem like or is that is extra of a improvement check platform to determine how the factor is gonna really drive.

Speaker 1: So this appears to be like considerably [00:01:00] comparable by way of silhouettes, however fairly radically completely different by way of general design. Do not get me improper although. This factor nonetheless appears to be like wildly extremely good. It is obtained the general form of a seven 18, after all, and you’ll type of see the place the seven 18 physique is in right here beneath, however you stand up to those fenders and there is these huge targets and fences and large swells to cowl the large racing slicks which are on this factor for at this time. Now, by way of the drivetrain structure, that is primarily based on the seven 18 membership sport chassis, however after all the engine, the six that is within the again usually is gone [00:01:30] and that is been changed by one of many three separate battery packs which are located on this automotive. There’s about 82 kilowat hours of a complete battery pack contained in the GT 4 right here break up into three completely different battery packs the place the engine would usually be.

Speaker 1: We have about 40 kilowat hours of battery there on the ground subsequent to the motive force. There is a second battery pack. That is roughly 20 kilowat hours. After which up entrance the place the gasoline cell would usually be that is once more about one other 20 kilowat hours that offers you the full 82 kilowat hour capability for this factor, which Porsche says would enable it to [00:02:00] run in race mode someplace between 20 and half-hour lengthy, which is about how lengthy a typical 9 11 cup race runs nowadays. Along with that, after all, we really need one thing to make the factor go, one thing for these batteries to connect with. And for that, now we have two electrical motors, one up entrance, and one within the again that offers this factor a complete horsepower someplace north of 1000 horsepower in qualifying mode. However curiously, Porsche engineers advised me that they do not actually need that entrance motor to get the utmost efficiency out of it. What they want it for is for regeneration, which helps this factor drive longer [00:02:30] on a given cost. So that is the look and the structure of the factor, however extra importantly is the way it drives and to search out out properly, it is time to get within the cock.

Speaker 2: All proper, right here we exit onto the monitor in, oh, the GT 4 First time on the market. [00:03:00] That is in mode three, which is race mode. And I’ve heard of number of completely different energy figures sorted for this automotive on this mode. However, uh, it appears like I am someplace within the ballpark of 600 horsepower, excuse me, fairly a bit greater than the unique 9. Excuse me, the unique seven 18 G4 membership sport, And a little bit bit extra weight to do it too. 600 horsepower and no management. I do have Volvo wheel drive, fortunately, however we’re out right here doing a little bit automotive [00:03:30] to automotive taking pictures earlier than I used to be tires. I got here to a cease and went to speed up The automotive did not transfer, however these 4 tires lit up good little smokey on the entrance, which I hadn’t meant to do. So I am what this towers like, we get velocity Oven to temperature. So I additionally want a little bit of time to get myself on the temperature, which is a brand new monitor for me and [00:04:00] a difficult, loads of corners off. Simply begin to get energy little bit. So yeah, gotta out monitor. Now you possibly can hear me, proper? You bought the microphone up right here in my helmet right here. Lots of people decry the oncoming period of electrical race automobiles and electrical racing collection as if there’s gonna be no extra sound, however I hope you agree that this automotive sounds actually remarkably good, particularly on the surface. We [00:04:30] stand up to hurry on the, you may hear this factor sounds

Speaker 2: Get temp and brakes And all right here. We first time down the entrance [00:05:00] All 82 30. All proper, I am gonna proper right here simply to take the primary Very steady, very easy quick flip one. <giggle> it is really feels very nice. The facility supply could be very good and easy speaking with, uh, power manufacturing unit Dar workforce Behar earlier, who prompt that [00:05:30] easy is de facto the way in which to go. No abrupt breaking, no abrupt steering that the automotive has loads of grips, however it reacts greatest to easy, regular enter. In order that be my focus for now. Once more, we someplace within the ballpark, 600 horsepower via all 4 wheels, However actually the entrance motor is not serving to that a lot relating to acceleration and general lap time, it is actually there extra at assist for the regenerative braking. This automotive door weighs greater than the conventional seven 18 membership sport [00:06:00] really has. Smaller breaks, weighs extra, has extra energy, however as smaller breaks, it is not often the way in which, uh, issues work in motor sports activities. Normally you heavier automotive that goes sooner. You need large breaks. The explanation you get away with smallers this after all has regenerative breaking and thru all 4 wheels has regenerative braking. One of many horses engineers advised me that although, this factor might put down as much as a thousand horsepower acceleration. It additionally has sufficient torque [00:06:30] to successfully generate the identical quantity of power underneath breaking with out even counting on these bodily breaks in any respect.

Speaker 2: In order that’s an enormous a part of what’s gonna make this automotive work in an endurance racing collection is regenerating all of that energy and bringing it again to the battery. You’ve got obtained about once more, about an 82 kilowat hour battery pack right here, however this automotive would regenerate about 20, 30 kilowatt of battery, which a pack [00:07:00] longer, laborious, a little bit tougher now, Tiny system type steering wheel positioned actually excessive virtually at The, the steering wheel, fairly lighting doing moderately snug, [00:07:30] however man, it is possibly 90 levels every option to Means take of the tighter turns like this that is coming With out my ought to to come back. The Actually does really feel very properly planted. Loads of Having to essentially about [00:08:00] Feathering Ronald popping out tighters Up to now so too, however, uh, downhill breaking appears like this one are a little bit Arrow Now [00:08:30] we’re I am, This automotive is faster than 9 11 And all people feels fairly fast. I used to be operating some apply labs in R two coming as much as this in and 9 11 GT three cup. And, uh, I feel I am already operating faster than this. [00:09:00] They have the curve actually properly within the accelerator. So, you recognize, has actually fast acceleration and actually on the spot response, regardless of that I do not actually like, I have to cautious. I actually proper. Just about getting my proper foot apex

Speaker 2: NCIA [00:09:30] Out actually units up good passing, particularly motors, motor, However breaking simply [00:10:00] That I math I can do proper now, Buts getting unsettled [00:10:30] Means. Nonetheless The itself is This type lot of EVs. You had this sort mushy brake pedal the place you might have this actually obscure transition between the section and truly participating the bodily breaking. However this factor, the pedal could be very agency and [00:11:00] very co all of the via his journey. So each time I do get via the It is a good, regular, constant, very nice, actually good Issues down a little bit bit rush

Speaker 1: Between periods. I used to be in a position to look [00:11:30] at a few of my telemetry and see simply how I used to be doing right here. I discovered why the brake pedal feels pretty much as good because it does that is as a result of it has zero connection to both the bodily or the regenerative breaking methods. This automotive depends solely underneath rig by wire. And so the pedal really feel is solely synthetic. The automotive itself decides how a lot area to offer primarily based on how laborious you are stomping on the pedal and when to name in these bodily breaks to assist that division of labor, together with 1000’s of different channels of information is all logged for each [00:12:00] single lap on the monitor. With that data, I headed again out for one more run and promptly discovered the bounds of these breaks.

Speaker 2: All proper, heading out for session two, I am gonna speak rather less this time, focus a little bit extra on getting my strains, proper, studying this monitor and getting the texture for the automotive. I spent a there, holy cow, fairly positive I obtained, [00:12:30] I discovered the breaking restrict. Let’s get via it over it. That felt a little bit higher. Put loads higher, loads, loads higher. Now it is obtained for high quality mode

Speaker 1: Earlier than high quality mode. The automotive went again on the charger in an excellent world charging at 350 kilowats the automotive will go from 5% to 85% state of cost in simply quarter-hour. And that is sufficient juice for [00:13:00] roughly half-hour of on monitor motion right here. We’re solely charging about one third that fee. So the recharges took a little bit bit longer, besides it appeared like by the point I would gotten myself a drink and a little bit bit of additional teaching, it was time to strap again in. Once more, this time I used to be advised to be a little bit extra cautious with the throttle and naturally, to exit and have an excellent time, however not for a very long time with the additional electrical consumption that comes with the extra energy in high quality mode. This may be a shorter session. I solely had just a few labs to get my qualifying time in.

Speaker 2: [00:13:30] All proper, we’re heading again out on the monitor and high quality mode dialed as much as mode 9, That superinten followers One thousandpower no trash management. [00:14:00] So the enjoyable factor, dial energy like arrow. Hasn’t bringing zones at [00:14:30] Advert Operating the danger of doing something silly. It Larger speeds. After all, to the purpose of doing one thing extra rapidly, We’ll to try this And attention-grabbing. This [00:15:00] does not, this does not like 9 11 race or the seven 18 membership sports activities Soly balanced with a 9. This so evenly balanced at 9 11. Once you’re driving that onerous on the monitor, you all the time gotta be occupied with what rear there’s a lot hanging out, again that coming in after you. Properly, actually after you, you do not have the, the wrapped [00:15:30] round horsepower. We [00:16:00] The A lot larger speeds coming into Thess. I gotta take a little bit extra simply [00:16:30] reacting Morely to simply little change Asper. So like [00:17:00] Shut up, take pleasure in it. Forgive me. <giggle> A lot violent on this mode.

Speaker 1: It is actually spectacular. Not solely that Porsche to develop this factor in full secrecy, however now that they have this automotive pretty much as good as it’s, and it is actually simply type of bolted collectively from a seven 18 membership sport with loads of batteries and stuff thrown in right here as they will, Porsche [00:17:30] expects to have a shopper prepared model of this automotive by someplace about 2026. So should you run a racetrack means you have obtained about 4 years to deliver charging to pit lane.

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